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Chopper Yo

beige belt

Hiya peeps!! I need some help please....

Does anyone have a beige coloured belt I can borrow for Christie's party?

A thousand thank yous if I could borrow it =D
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Alls I gots is a white one :O
Dang, so close......... I'll keep that in mind anyways :D Thanks Straw~!
BUY ONE! There's heaps of beige belts out there!!
I have looked. There's like nooooooooooone out there. Where should I be looking?
Gomen ne... but ... I have beige suspenders? 8D;;; Hahahahah god i cant wait to see you!!! bahahahaha <333333
That's fine, don' t sweat ^__^ I was sooo lucky I found some today.
Can't wait to see you soon +D~!!! Gonna be some rocking kick ass party!
You ... actually made tags for "beige" and "belt"?

It's not like you'll ever use them again @__@
lol~!! I did indeed.....hahaahha......... guess I'm misusing the tagging system then :P