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Chopper Yo

When you cant find 1, look for 2, and it'll be right next to it.

I found me a good beige belt today. lol. Actually, it's more on the brown side, in fact, erh... it's not beige at all... but squint your eyes and it'll look beige.

The truth is, I can't spend anymore time looking for the perfect beige one anymore. And a good thing about this belt is it's not glossed, so it's spray paint-able. I think it is Okay...... If i can find the time, it's time to get me some spray paint!!

Thanks for everyone's help before :D You can have the 1000 thankyous anyway ^__^



Lol i was gonna post before...
I have a beige belt that I got from YD, though I dunno what kinda belt you were after in the first place XD

Any men's store that caters to the clubbing/youth crowd always has em!
Haha. Ah man. Thanks anyways Steve. I'm looking for a normal belt, not designery and all. So the belt I have now will suffice. I've stopped caring about being the right colour for my character this time. lol.

And me? no... me and clubbing and youth got no mix i reckon...
I can tell you're using your "beige" and "belt" tags just because I mentioned you wouldn't use them again. *Raises eyebrow*
Truthfully, yes, but realistically and practically, I used them because seriously, that was what I was talking about in my post ;)
Response to your sms because I'm too Asian and stingy to spend 25c smsing back.

Yep, I definitely will because you'll be shoving it in my face at Christie's party before you give it away anyway. PS I think Ita said she wanted to be part of it as well? We'll double-check with her at the party.

And I'm getting there, uh, by car? Since I live like 10 mins' drive away. Do you have transport trouble?