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Chopper Yo

A Red Christmas

YOSH~!!! I finally got to those Christmas cosplay picnic photos.

So straight to the point. Here they are: http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j192/Rayeefied/Christmas_Cosplay_Picnic_08/
Hope you guys like them. I didn't get the chance to take alot of pictures "orz....... I'll make up for it next time~!!!! If you would like any full-sized unwatermarked photos, feel free to give me a buzz ^_^

I got to say thanks to silverharmony for getting me excited about doing Luffy again. Initally I was going to go as Christmas Luffy, with the his red vest and red fluffy shorts, but I did want a challenge this time. And since I have to make the Ulquiorra costume later this year, I thought making something from scratch and learning in the process will be good practice.

So I remembered this picture, found it on my comp, fell in love with it, and knew I had to do it:

SO YOSH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I WAS GOING TO MAKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I learnt how to use a sowing machine and make my costume in one week. lol. So much for last minute. Hahahahaha............. I also got some great advice from breathless_ness  and silverharmony . THANKS GUYS~!!!!!!

But I got to say it was quite an enjoyable. You really have to use your brain, and really think ahead. I obviously didn't think ahead, and that's why my left pant leg was shorter than my right. Other things include not making the hooves so I'm a bit upset about that, but I guess that's why you need to start earlier.

All in all, it was all fun. It was great to catch up with everyone, and learn lots of things.

And also take the chance to wish everyone a !!!!!!!!!~***HAPPY NEW YEAR*** ~!!!!!!!!! See you all soon :D



Thanx :D You was quite elegant yourself~!!!.

And the pictures are coming as I speak ;) What a way to wrap up '08 aye? Thanks for organising.
I learnt how to use a sowing machine

"sewing" machine, Ray. XDDD *Tinkles your bell*

I didn't get the chance to take alot of pictures

All you did all day was to take pictures *________*

since I have to make the Ulquiorra costume later this year

Whee! So exciting. Pimp our group too :P

LoL!! yesh yesh, "sewing", you're right.

LoL!! And seriously, I didn't take much pictures at all. I had to hold myself back because a certain someone doesn't like it when I go off to take photos. XD.....

LoL!! and what do u mean by pimp our group too?
a certain someone doesn't like it when I go off to take photos. XD.....

Does this certain someone know that you're totally obsessed with photography? :P

what do u mean by pimp our group too?

I meant you should advertise our Espada group using subtle or not-so-subtle subliminal messages whenever you mention your Ulquiorra costume. Like add a link or something ;)
Yes, this person does know I'm obsessed with it... XDD

And got the message ;)
Rrrrraymond ^_^ Have I seen that Shikamaru icon before? You should get a Shino icon too~
It's a relatively new icon :)
And yesh, I shld make a shino icon too. Good idea.
ehehehe very nice Luffy costume there XDDDD

can't wait to see you as Ulquiorra and more photos =DD
hehehe.... arigato.

Can't wait to see more of your cosplay!!!
And drawings ^_^, with certain exceptions of course, and you know what i mean ;)
WOW! Love those whip shots!!! Yafoooo!!!! hahhaha you were very very cute that day ray! >w<

and man! SEriously made that and learn how to sew in a week? .... Awesome. ♥
^___^ Ahahahaha, I'm glad you liked the whip shots. Personally, I would have liked to have the whip in the air differently, but I couldn't manage to shoot it when it got there. It was either to early or late, so yesh, will have to do for now.

And yes, srsly, I did learn to sew in a week. What a slow learner I am XDDD....
lol i cant help but laugh when u walk..... =.=ll looks like adorable pervert with a camera.. (refers to silverharmony's lj)XD jkjk.... every one looked so good, n nice to finally met u :P. great job at sewing though :) i wish ryan can sew....
Nice to meet you too. Good to have a face to a name!!

And haha, don't worry, ryan doesn't have to sew, he can draw.
HAPPY NEW YEAR~~ U're so cuteee~~ XDD I think I've said this in silverharmony's entry~ XDD

I wish I could come. T0T
Don't worry. There are more fun times when you arrive back :D

Can't wait to see what you have this '09.