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Chopper Yo

Bleached Naruto Time

Alrighty chappios :D !!

So much for being a popcorn-eating-watcher during the Bleach Naruto shoot. I couldn't help myself, but to take photos. ARGH @__@ I guess I'm very trigger happy. I NEED HELP ~~~~~~~~ HELP ME~!!!!!!
Maybe I should just really behave next time, and not bring a camera. I don't know if I can though.... *finger twitching.....*

But ya.... yada yada yada.... was good fun. I had heaps of fun of course. Thanks athira!! I was a bit worried because my camera was heating up during the day, so imagine the people @_@
And again, so much for eating popcorn. I didn't even HAVE popcorn..... daaaang...

My pics are up anyway...... (erh... finally)..... but yeah, you know I'm usually one of the last people to get onto the pics. live wit it XP

Hope they're okay ^^

I've decided to enter the dark side. I've joined the empire. I've signed that soul contract, yada yada. People, I'm now using Picassa to upload these albums. I really hate how google albums without Picassa only allows you to upload 5 pics at a time. You have to use Picassa. And the most SH*Tiest thing about Picassa is that it has to scan through your entire computer and bring up all your pics. INVASION OF PRIVACY not??? I've decided to trade my privacy for browsing convenience. I just hope my paranoia doesnt come true, and the FBI or something comes knocking at my door because Picassa released some *ahem* information.
(Picassa, I've got my eye on you. Any bad moves, and it's straight to the Add/Remove Programs for you)

Also, the images loses almost 70% sharpness or more in these google Albums. Maybe it's just my eyes. Anyone feel the same?

Even these pics look sharper in LJ than Google album. lol.

OH... you may probably have or haven't realised this, but the first 74 pics can be somewhat epic fail. *sigh*....... it's because a few nights before the shoot, I went out to shoot some night stuff, and I had to use an ISO of 1000. I didn't realise until I had to take that shot of Haku strangling Naruto......... F*************************************CK.

oh wells. Learning process. I just hope I don't make this mistake ever again.

If anyone wants any full res photos, I'd be more than happy to send them. Okay. Time to disappear again. YOSH~!!!


You always take such pretty shots ~

Yay can't wait until you take the shots of our group doing the ... uh ... the thing we're cosplaying for Animania ;D
Aww.... shoicks. Thanx you!

Can't wait for the *wink wink**nudge nudge* shoot too. Maybe we can use that abandoned baseball stadium that Athira mentioned ;)
Yeah, I was thinking the same. I'll ask the others later too.

Btw are you coming to sunset_swish's Valentine's Day meetup?

And also *pokes my most recent journal entry* tell me if you're coming, you.
Na... maybe not for the Valentine's meet up. Got nothing to cosplay, lol.

For your birthday, definitely :D
What?? O_O You whipped up a whole reindeer cosplay in a freaking week! There's no way I'd ever believe you again if you say you have nothing to cosplay, after seeing that..

I'm cosplaying as Suzuna (the cute girl) from Eyeshield. If you want to cosplay with me, there are plenty of easy characters.

And if you don't come, I don't have anyone to take photos of me ;_; lol.

EDIT: Sorry, I was sewing when you called me so I didn't hear my phone going off. I don't have a beige belt - in fact, I don't have any belts at all. You'll have much more luck if you make a new LJ entry and ask around, we have lots of cosplayers on our flists and you should take advantage of that.

Edited at 2009-02-02 12:27 pm (UTC)
You whipped up snow white in a week too~....... !

Mle and I have an idea of what we're going to cosplay for your party. WooT WooT~!! Though, dressing up as something easy is always O-so-tempting :) lol

They'll be heaps of other photographers to take pretty pictures of you.
You must be kidding. It took me WAY more than a week to make that dress alone. Must've been 2 weeks or something.

What's your idea? Or at least the fandom that your idea is from? I'll be listing down what fandoms everyone's cosplaying from ~
erh... ask mle XD
If you're unwilling to tell me, it's either Naruto, or something totally fantastic.

Well, whatever, I'm sure you'll impress us all. Should I list you two down as "surprise cosplay" then?

Edited at 2009-02-03 11:37 am (UTC)
Wahhh!!! everyone is such epic hawt stuff, your shots are epic!!! Thanks for the sex piccies! <3 <3 <3
Haha!! Really?!?!?!
Thanks Tsubaki~! But epicness comes from the costume, and sexiness comes from the person. So it's your fault!

hahaha join the Picassa club 83 I agree with you though, I was feeling a bit edgy watching it scan through my computer @w@ meh, if FBI wants to look through the yaoi porn.. so be it (wait a min).

Trigger happy is goood 8DDDD
I can't stop LOLing at the Hitsugaya x flower photos xD
WA @__@~!!!!! You too?? lolZ ... well, at least you managed to get good pics anyway.

Haha... as long as your yaoi porn isn't with real life little boys, then you're fine XDD...I'm still very skeptical of Picassa. I'm did try to find in Norten Internet Security to "monitor" Picassa's movements. lol. How paranoid am I aye?

Trigger Happppyyy~!!!
Your photos are awesome, Ray! Thanks a lot for coming and putting up with us! I already passed this onto my sister since she's the only person who doesn't have LJ. LOL.
YOSH!! Thank you!