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Luffy Journey

Silver & Ray's Chinese Partay!!!

Chinese Cosplay Partay~!!

To celebrate the turn of age for Silver (silverharmony) and I, we are inviting you to come join us in a themed party. As the title suggests, yes, it's cosplay with a Chinese theme, and we'll be celebrating in the city in everyway chinese we can think of. I hope you can come =D

Meeting time/place:

When: Sunday 19th July, 10:30 a.m
Where: Darling Harbour, Chinese Gardens, just outside the entrance.
Afterwards we'll be heading to lunch at a Chinese Restaurant, followed by some yummy desserts elsewhere.
Dress: Chinese Theme
Bring: You!

Please be on time, because I'll be paying for everyone's entry into Chinese Gardens.

What does this Chinese theme cosplay mean?

Well... it could be anything you want it to be. Suprise us :)....

Of course, it could mean going as a chinese anime character (there's always that Chinese guy or girl who's in a series),Dressing up in a chinese traditional clothing (like a Qi Pao),
or even coming up with someone's or your very own version of your character. (Like what they've done with Kakashi and Sasuke here) 

We're definitely not too fussy about this, we just want to see you there :D

Here's a few anime character suggestions:
Naruto - Ten ten, Rock Lee,
Code Geass - Li Xingke, Empress Tianzi, Zhou Xianglin, one of the 8 Chinese High Eunuchs (lol)
Kuroshitshuji - Lao, Ranmao
Darker - Hei
Advanced Wars: Days of Ruin - Lin
Gundam Wing - Wufei Chang, Sally Po
....any more which I can't think of at the moment ^_^

But because there's not a huge abundance of them, feel free to do a non-chinese character, just as long as there's a chinese character in your team. So for example, if you go as Ten Ten/Rock Lee, then it's totally cool to go as Gai and Neji as long as you there's one of them in your team. I would love to see a team assembled. Oh, and Silver and I totally support cosplay re-use if you like :)

Please let us know if you can make it :) And if you're going to cosplay an anime character, please inform me of your character, so we can place you on the list.

Party Peeps:

Rayfy Hong Long Episode 1 & Season 1
Silver silverharmony : Wang Liu Mei --> Qi Pao
Harmony silverharmony: Syaoran - Cardcaptor Sakura
miyukiko : Shampoo - Ranma 1/2
sunset_swish  : Ciel - Kuroshitshuji --followed by--> Ranma (guess which sex ^_^) - Ranma 1/2
gn004nadleeh  : Sebastian - Kuroshitshuji --followed by--> Ranma (guess which sex ^_^) - Ranma 1/2
lunarfish  : Ryoga Hibiki - Ranma 1/2
morau : I-Pin (pending) - Reborn!
glorfindel : Mao - Code Geass
breathless_ness : C.C. - Code Geass
ceestar : Ten Ten - Naruto
bubblefire  : chinese!Ohrime - Bleach
kaiya02 : China - Hetalia ---> maybe Komui - DGM
jyo_y : Hong Kong - Hetalia
tehcrayonofdoom : Taiwan - Hetalia -- or maybe --> chinese hopping vampire 8D
itakoaya : Qi Pao
rinne_chan  : Ranka Lee - Macross Frontier
ravient  : Qi Pao
mis_v : Kagura - Gintama
athira Qi Pao
shaz_ashuri : Qi Pao
Meeko: Qi Pao
strawbarry_gurl  : Still deciding
minami_373  : Still deciding
projectluke  : Wu Fei (maybe)
zaijuuneko Guy Qi Pao (p.s: he says he's not going to bother wearing his Qi Pao, but if we put enough pressure on him to do it, he might, so go spam spam him ^^)

Can't wait to see you all there!!!


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Can you unlock your entry please :P make it public so I can link to it.


Edited at 2009-07-04 10:30 am (UTC)
Done deal :)

Also, Silver and I were thinking of doing that, but since her dress is so hard to move around in, we may go with those costumes for the 1st hour or so, and then change into different costumes later.
ahh hopefully i'll be able to come :3 i'll prolly cosplay as Ciel~
lmaoo you need to choose an uke character to cosplay :)
Sounds like fun, unless something else comes up I'd love to come =D

I think I'll cheat and use my Tenten cosplay again =p
NOICE :D~!!! Silver and I totally support cosplay re-use, so don't feel like it's cheating. After all, it's just a party ^__^ Plus, we're going to shock Chinatown with as many chinese dressed people as possible ..hahaha!

See if you can recruit a Rock Lee. And a Neji and Gai too :D ?
ahhh i was so tempted to be harmony's komui >.< but jyo and i are probably going to do china and hongkong for the meet 8D thats if i can get it finished in time *dreading making 3 blazers* hur hur OTL

ill see if i can get gakuen heaven done first Q3O
It would be very interesting to see you as Komui, but feel no pressure at all. Get those GH blazers done first, yeah?

And awesome! Can't wait to see you doing Hetalia. Hehe.. you booked that one in first XD
So will jyo be China, and you as Hong Kong?
Mao is chinese @___@~!!!
*goes to ask Dr. Google*........

MY GOSH!!! He is!! Hahaha, clever, clever........ OMG. I'm so excited about this one ^_^
Kya.. can't wait to see you both!
You would look good in a chinese dress though ;) .. maybe you can buy one from Market City, or somewhere in Chinatown?
I will be thereee~~~ ^__^
But~ have not decided what to wear yet~
I am so happy to hear that ~!!! 8D
Take your time thinking about it, but don't sweat too much. As long as you are there!!
i'll be a maybe. XD though if i go i have no idea what i'd wear.. >>
Okie dokie ;)... I'll have you down as maybe for now. But it would be so great to have you there. If you like, you come up with a chinese version of Fay.
Hi Austvina ^_____^ Finally have a face to a name, to a LJ. Veeeery nice Ranmao by the way. And those pictures of you really gave it the justice you deserved =)

I'm glad you're coming, and coming as I-Pin too, niiiice!! ^_^ I think we'll be there for a while, even till after you finish church and arrive in the city. Where abouts is Church for you?
And when you arrive, just give Silver or I a buzz, and we'll get you in :)
i'm coming!

but i need more time to think what i should come as XD
Come as..... erh....... Ray Kon from Beyblade~!!! Don't know if he's a Chinese character though, but he sure looks like it.
Can I come as Ryoga Hibikiiiiiiiiii
Put me as a maybe pleaseee XD Still debating what to do~~
I might be coming as Taiwan ORRR a chinese hopping vampire LOL 8D
still deciding x)

If you can, it would be so awesome if you can pull off Taiwan. And we'll have a China and Hong Kong too ^_^
but again........... FAR OUT ~!!! I'd love to see the chinese hopping vampire XD...
Hey Ray >3<

I'm coming as Ranka Lee from Macross Frontier >D

doing the resturant outfit?! 8DDD

nyan nyan~
Straw is coming as Kuno from Ranma 1/2 :D sorry for spamming your journal ^^;;
Haha... you have all the permission in the world to spam this entry ^__^
And thanks. I'll put Straw down as Kuno :D
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