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Luffy Journey

Thank you for coming today =D

Love is what I need, and love was all you give 

I'd like to give a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everybody who came to the Chinese Cosplay Party today. Silver & I very much appreciated you all coming out and blessing us with your friendship, smiles, and delightful auras. The weather turned out great, and I hope everyone had a enjoyable time running around the gardens and doing what we do best. And last but not least, the party gifts are juuuust amazing and beautiful. My feelings are over-the-moon. THANK YOU again!!

I must say to everyone, even though we came up with this unique theme out of the blue, you rose to the challenge, and gave us the best reinterpretation of the theme. I am very proud of you all.

Not only was there great cosplay, there were also many pretty Qi Pao's today. They're great because they really helped bring out your nice figures. I'm extra glad we had this Chinese theme too because it forced ravient to don on the Qi Pao, and face her fear of wearing dresses. Can't forget that athira was also the one to motivate her too. In the end she looked great, anyone else agree? Ravi, you should do more girl cosplays. 

Team SM + MadNad, you make Ranma 1/2 fans all around the world proud and oh, you're crack shots are totally WTF lololol, exclamation mark full stop. I want moooore ~!!!!

To China, Hong Kong & Taiwan, together with your epicness combined you have potential to take over the world. In the meantime though, please post up the photos of your mini shoot. Can't wait to see them.

To glorfindel and breathless_ness , I regret not having the time to take photos of you two in your marvellous costumes, but the photos taken by silver[info]silverharmony  and col_of_man  on my camera are pretty good ;)... I'll have them graded & uploaded as soon as posssible.
p.s: This is Australia. This is Mao's world.

miss_v , you're Kagura poses are so freaking funny. They're so...... Kagura. You were worried about the head bangles & pants today, so you should definitely try doing it again in summer :)

To moonblader , thank you for coming today, even though how short it was. The haru haru is adorable. I hope you had a great time with your fully sick cuz, and your homie sister's too, yo.

For those who couldn't make it, that's okay ^__^ It's not like we see each other once a year. We'll catch up in 2 weeks.
bubblefire , I hope you get better soon. You better be ready to double extreeeeeeme play at SMASH.

A special mention to ceestar  for her very kawaii soft toy cakes. You clearly have a talent for making these things. I hope there's some available at the CTscans SMASH table.

So now, after this birthday, I'm left pondering how many people still think I depict a 12 year old, or as itakoaya said, 13 year old now. LOL. I must admit that 3 year old card was a pretty funny idea. Not sure about that drawing in the card though. Do I seriously have a swirly moustache and hairy legs? Do I usually wear poncho's and spread the word of Love & Peace? hahaha.................. hmmm........maybe I need to reimage myself.

For tomorrow night, it's can't wait to find myself some great guilt-free downloadable DS games. Heroes of Mana, I'm looking at you ;) ..

Again, thank you everyone for coming today and making the day complete.

<3 Ray + (on behalf) Silver
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It was AWESOME meeting/ hanging around with you!!! This is jyo (HongKong) :)
Sorry we had to leave early, my parents get paranoid.
I had epic fun, and i think you guys were really smart coming up with a theme :D
Hi Hong Kong! It was very nice to meet you too!
Don't worry, your parents worry about you because they care about you ;)... I hope to be able to hang out with you longer next time.
And thanks!! I'm glad you liked the theme ;)
By the way, you acted really shy the whole day. Is it your character, or were you just shy in real life xD?
Was i shy?? xD crap i didn't notice, i thought i was really hyper that day (or maybe it was just in my head)
i guess both xD but my character's pretty stoned as well, which is great <3
Haha...maybe it was just me.
lol!!! Are you saying APH represents Honky people are stoned?
lol, no idea xD i don't think it's meant to represent anything, it's just that the character always has a stone expression
Hello~ This is Taiwan 8D

I'm with Jyo~! the party was epic-awesome, and so was meeting you :DD
I'm so sorry I came late ><" But I had lots of fun throughout the time I was there, nonetheless.
Hello Taiwan :D
I'm thrilled you liked the party. Thank you for coming! And as they say, better late than never, and luckily it wasn't never. It was nice to meet you. Catch up with you soon ;)