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Luffy Journey

Harry so far...

Yo! shaz_ashuri  andmis_v , I don't have your personal emails, so when you read this, I have some of the Harry Potter photos done :D Can you send me your email accounts. Thanks!

Here are some of the pictures so far:

shaz_ashuri as Harry Potter

mis_v  as Draco

And the rest of the photos I've done so far here http://s80.photobucket.com/albums/j192/Rayeefied/HarryPotterShoot_09/?albumview=slideshow

YOSH!! SMASH tomorrow =DDD!!


omg... i freaking love you!! <333 how do you make me look so good? >> <333 haha. thankyou!!!

my email is = demon_wingz@hotmail.com

Edited at 2009-08-09 09:17 am (UTC)
It's not entirely me, lol. Firstly, you have to be an awesome cosplayer first, and yes, you are an awesome cosplayer :D I'll have more photos up after Manifest, yeah?

XD aww thanks~
yays okays! XD